Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm Back + I Missed You!

Hey everyone!  As of today, this blog is back in business and coming at ya from Austin, TX.

It feels so good to be back, I'm telling ya!  I enjoyed my time off but I missed this blog.  It's become a pretty significant part of my day and I realized that, strongly, on this break.

In the coming weeks I have a few new changes rolling out so there may be some bumps and tweaks for just a bit but it should all work itself out by July 1st.  I am so excited and extra pumped to share all the new-ness with you!

But today, I'd like to keep it simple. Since I've been gone for a few weeks, and since I've been transplanted across the state, I thought it might be fun to do a little "taking stock" post.  Here's what's  going on with me:

Making : cocktails out the wazoo, all in the name of blog posts!
Cooking : Nothing!  My parents are wonderful cooks so I've been taking advantage…
Drinking : aforementioned cocktails
Reading : The Fault in Our Stars (I've finally started this!)
Wanting : to take a trip out to Hamilton pool
Looking : for a place to rent
Playing : pool, a lot.  My family has become quite the group of pool nuts.
Sewing : patches on my jeans.  My boyfriend jeans have become a bit more "distressed" than I prefer
Wishing : for an easy transition for N.  He's never lived in the city before so I'm hoping it's not a shock
Enjoying : this weather!  Austin is hot but it's also humid and strangely enough, my hair loves it.
Waiting : for Parenthood to come back on, although I'm sad that it'll be the final season.
Liking Loving : the SPURS!
Wondering : what we're doing this weekend?
Loving : the food. Austin has great food
Hoping : to find a job, quickly
Marveling : at my middle school music choices and how my love for Yellowcard is still really real
Needing : a new pair of running shoes.  I've signed up for my first ever race and my current pair is about done for
Smelling : mountain laurel.  Those purple flowers smell heavenly!
Wearing : leopard sneaks and boyfriend jeans, on the regular
Following : this lady
Noticing : how much less dust accumulates here.  After living in west Texas, this is ahhhhmazing.
Knowing : That we are going to look back on this time with a lot of love
Thinking : about taking the leap into professional photography
Bookmarking : new furniture for our new place (when we find it)
Opening : random boxes to find where I put my fill in the blank, because I didn't label effectively
Giggling : at Nick as he talks to me in song
Feeling : grateful for this whirlwind opportunity to move to Austin. We've definitely been blessed.

So, how are you? Anything new and exciting?  I'd love to chat with you in the comments :)

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