Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Memory I'd Like to Relive

Yes, I am a horrendously spotty participator in Blogtember, thanks for noticing.  Besides that,  I'm bringing you a story about a memory that I would love to relive, given the chance.

This was our third date.  And I didn't blog back then so I wasn't as dedicated to photo documentation, so sorry about this no pictures situation.  But it was our third date.  He picked me up and took me to a little place called the Frenchman's Inn.  He was so very cute and very boy-like when he told me to wear whatever I wanted, it didn't matter.  A go ahead for jeans.  Upon arrival then, I realized that the place was actually quite fancy.  Guys, ya know.

Moving on.

So we walk into the restaurant and there are maybe 15 tables total and only three are being used after we take our seats.  Where there is a single rose at my setting.  Long stem too, if you believe such things.  And a bottle of wine chilling by the table.  Which, turns out, N had dropped off just before.  Yes, he went and made sure everything was set up all in secret.  That catch!

I'm not so much a fancy person as I am an american food enthusiast so I had never tried anything they served.  These taste buds, not so refined.  But I decided on a delicious sounding chicken in wine dish (when in doubt, wine!) and N talked me into trying a vegetable I didn't really trust.  But you do those questionable things when the boy is really cute.

And so we talked endlessly.  And smiled like we were falling in love.  Over wine.  And that rose.  Over candlelight.  Over us.  Over dessert.  Over nothing at all (because those guys were super quick with our plates!).

And my oh my if it wasn't the most romantic date I had ever been on.  He knew it too, that stinker.

So there are times that I would love to relive for their inspiration, spontaneity, or  hilarity.  There are those things.  But this thing was for new love and that fun feeling of being swept off my feet.  For that little inkling that started creeping up on me: is this my Sam?*

And this is us just last summer in San Antonio.  Proof that his fancy wooing won me over.  Gahhh.

* Have I never addressed this?  Okay.  My Sam.  Any Sleepless in Seattle Fans out there?  Ya, I thought so! That right there, is my movie.  This would also be a grand time to point out that this theory also applies to Ghost.  #hopelessromanticforlife

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I love Sleepless in Seattle, funny and sad. I adore Jonah!

  2. Vaida Tamošauskaitė9:18 AM, September 17, 2013

    sounds like a film. so lucky you! never had any kind of a date like this, and still hoping to have :)))
    maybe I should stop hopping, and just organise one for myself, hah :D
    anyways! Completely understand you, and agree with you :)
    If I were you I would probably be thinking about that date every night before sleep :))) then nice dreams guaranteed! :)

  3. Aw, cute story! Apparently I need to re-watch Sleepless in Seattle, it's been a lot of years...

  4. Aw!! That sounds so romantic!! How fun!