Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never Fear!

Lately I have been feeling the urge to start doing the things that scare me.  

Last week I was riding my bike and thinking about what I wanted to do later in the day and for the first time, I felt restricted being on my own. I knew that almost everyone else was at work and in a minor panic I thought, "I have no-one to do something with!"

That started to bother me.  What am I scared of? Why do I have such anxiety doing some things alone?And somewhere along the line it turned into a brainstorm session of the things that I am scared to do. 

So I came home and I signed up for a 10k.

Signing up for a race is something that I have always been apprehensive about because I am not a "runner."  I enjoy running but I have never considered myself anything great in that department.  But I have always wished that I was a runner, so why not? Why not make the leap and go for it. Besides, this  big, lofty goal, is the perfect jumping off spot to get me out of my comfort zone.

I've got some training to do but I am so excited to be working toward something that I have always kept from myself.  

I am the only one holding me back from doing everything I want to and I want to break that habit. You can follow along on instagram and twitter using the hashtag #neverfear (and join in yourself!)

What about you? Are you comfortable doing things on your own? Do you make it a point to do things that scare you? What's some big goal that you have achieved?

PS / If anyone in or around Austin wants to join me, you can sign up here!


  1. I'm working on doing things that scare me, so this was so inspiring to see!

  2. I also only tend to do things with at least one other person, so this post inspired me to step out of my comfort zone more!
    xo, Scarlett

    The Trendy Chick

  3. Ooh congrats on signing up for a 10k! That is awesome! :) I love doing things on my own! I'm a pretty independent person (I think) so 90% of the time I'm okay with goin' solo. Planning a solo trip around Europe in a couple of years! Woo!

  4. That's awesome! Good luck with the 10k!