Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Where I Come From

This is funny because when I first thought about this I could remember writing to a similar tune in my 6th grade language arts class.  I remember writing I am from... on line after line and filling it in with things that had shaped me.  And oh how I wish I had that notebook with me right now.  I'd like to see what wisdom my 12 year old had about self-making and things.

But do you ever look back and think that some things you wrote a week ago or a year ago seem much more whole than when you wrote it?  Like your past self was more than you ever gave her credit for.


So I am going to take a page from that train of thought and delve back into my 12 year old brain.  And here's my list...

I am from summer adventures on the Texas coast, at my grandparent's house.  Endless salty days of walking the few steps from the back door to the sea wall and, if you're the brave type, making that small leap from the sea wall to the pier.  And just watch those waves lap lap at each other under your feet.  Fishing, too, ya know.  Every girl needs to know how to bait a hook and cast a line.

I am from two very wonderful, very love-filled parents.  The kind that you wonder if you can live up to.  The kind that make adulthood and parenthood seem so simple.  Now that I am thinking that they may indeed be super heroes.  Winning at life in a single bound, as it were.

I am from countless dance classes and early morning marching band rehearsals.  And football games.  You aren't a self respecting Texan if your life hasn't at one point been changed on a Friday night. Or Saturday, because college is important too.

life affirming football moment: This is our team's winning touchdown against the University of Texas.  We're the underdogs (even though Lee Corso put on his Red Raider head on game day!) and we were about to lose.  Not to mention I'm from Austin, where UT is located, which made it all the sweeter a win.  And I was literally right there! At the corner of the endzone, a few rows up.  Like right there.  And poor McCoys face is so very sad.  

I am from crazy lovable little brothers, who used to steal my things from my room and stow them under their beds.  I'm mostly over it, by now.

I'm from pets, Harry Potter, backstreet boys, and Josh Hartnett.  From crushes and baseball diamonds, family trips and the magic of every single christmas.  Also, every last unique piece of splendor Austin, TX has to offer. Because that ish will shape you, make no mistake.

I'm all those things, rolled up into one mostly well rounded individual.  

I hope I did my pre-adolescent self proud here.  

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  1. "pets, Harry Potter, backstreet boys, and Josh Hartnett." ha! I love that!