Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thursdays on the Inside!

Is it just me or does anyone else ever get the desire to just start all over?!  And we're talking decorating here so keep up, lovelies.  Sometimes I get a wild hair and just want to throw everything out!  Pull all my furniture out onto my lawn and announce the world's most impromptu yard sale to all my neighbors.  And of course, they'll all venture out to see about the commotion and they'll think that 'wow, this is neat!' and buy my stuff because dreams aren't made of failed attempts and half-a jobs, no sir!  In my dreams that stuff moves, and it moves fast.  And I am left with a few benjamins and I walk my happy self to ikea and to west elm and thrive and where ever else I am feeling because thats where this all started, with this feeling that I wanted to start over.  

And when I wake up and realize that no, that's not reality, I just search for places that look like the place I would create if dreams came true, ya know?

And by the way, I'm bringing back Thursdays on the Inside for today because those posts were fun and you know it!

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Yeeees, I think anyone could manage living in these places, don't ya think?  

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