Friday, June 07, 2013


Oh, Friday!  I am so happy that you are here.  Please never leave??  Also, please let me drive this one home... I am on vacation!  Im not doing a lot (and I will still be blogging!) but I am not working and that is cause for celebration is it not?

And what better way to celebrate than to join in on the High Five for Friday fun #h34f #fun

but really guys, I'd love to see what your week was like, so says instagram, so go link up with all of us.  You want to and you know it!

We went to the drive in for a double feature and it was glorious!  This is the best thing about this small(ish) town.  Its still got some of that charm.

So we still have 5 puppies.  Five little furry rug rats that never. calm. down.  I am so serious guys, energy out the ears. I can't even.

We had a horrrrrible thunder/lightning/rain/wind/potential (but never actual) tornado storm.  It was so intense that we had to wait it out at work because the wind outside would knock you clear down.  It wasn't until a few of us brave gals decided to make a run for it that anything was actually accomplished.  And accomplished we were!  So much so that I made myself a cake, because well, I was a bad-a.  Also, my adrenaline that resulted from running at full speed in the rain was still in high gear, so I couldn't sleep.  So that too, I guess.

Anyone ever read An Object of Beauty?  Me neither.  But I started it today and so far, brilliant.  But I'll let you know.

I walked my german dog this week.  Who never gets walked, ever.  So it was super interesting to be pulled down the street by this 70 pound dude. I guess we should have started him as a puppy.  #badparents

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Soooo... for real, link up! and happy weekend!

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  1. Where's the link to your Instagram? I don't see it. :(

    I love drive-ins! Also, your dog is adorable!

  2. OMG, I HEART GERMANS!!! That was my first dog as a child and I loved it so much!! Found you from the link up :)
    Happy Friday!!

    1. Aren't they the best! I had never had one before but he is seriously the smartest dog, and a complete sweetheart. Glad you're here :)