Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Home-y Things I'd Like to Decorate With...

Oh me, oh my!  A second round up for the week, and we're only on Tuesday.  How's that for taking the easy way out, huh?

But really, this IS what I wanted to talk about because this is what I love.  I have an abnormal (abby normal! anyone else love mel brooks?) interest in decorating our place so these little round up posts, they're just gonna continue.  And this one couldn't come at a better time because we're going to Austin in just a few short days, which means I won't be stuck in good old Lubbs for the weekend and will have access to other stores.  I love good 'ole Target, don't get me wrong, but a gal needs some variety.  It's the spice of life, come on!

But, as we were...

Home Stuffs

clock    notepad    fox pillow    blanket    mug    chair    mermaid bookend    love pillow    union jack pillow    shelf

Also, let the fact that there are no less than three pillows featured here be a testament to my commitment to comfort.  We don't play around over here.  An abundance of pillows and blankets at all times.  Or else. Or else, I tell ya!


  1. oh my goodness i love everything on this post. love your blog! going to start following right this second


  2. ooo great choices :) and your blog is super cute by the way!