Thursday, May 09, 2013

Things of Spring Dreams

So you know how when you aren't doing something or aren't saying something or other wise refraining from one said thing... and then that is pretty much all you can think about?  Well this is kind of like that.  A little bit.  Saving money is the name of the game around here this month but spending money is on the mind... figures, right?

I have a confession though.  I snuck something in under the line.  As in I bought it before May started and therefore it doesn't count.  We're resourceful around here.  And what is it, you might ask?  The bar studs.  Do you ever get an obnoxious fascination with something that is so simple you can't understand why you're in such a tizzy?  I got my pair from Virginia Wynn Jewelry and I just love them to pieces.

Spring 2

necklace  ▲  loafers  ▲  friendship bracelet  ▲  cuff  ▲  stripe sweater  ▲  killer top  ▲  bar studs  ▲  yellow mini  ▲  shades