Tuesday, May 07, 2013

So He reads my Blog...

What I'm about to tell you is a true story.

I went to bed one night.  I drew the wonderfully thick gray velvet curtain and snuggled in under my duvet, curled onto my side, like I do, thats just how I sleep, and drifted off to that place.  That place, that we all know and love.

Nick usually stays up later than I do, doing his thing or something else, or who knows what, because Im asleep and I can't tell.  And thats fine and dandy and it works.

So now that you know that, you should know this: on the night in mind this guy wakes me up at some odd hour of the morning, too early for me to formulate the thinking process to actually tell time, so we'll just stick with what I said, early.  He wakes me up and tells me something.  And just moments before, I was unconscious, remember? So naturally it takes me a few minutes to really understand but did he really just say that he read my blog?  My entire blog!?  Oh and he still has it up and open to his favorite post.  Geez-louise!

Is it wrong that I was a little shocked?  Putting this stuff out here, out into the blogosphere, is really a leap.  It takes a lot to go from anonymously living day to day to sharing all these little details with who knows how many strangers.  And it is real to me, it is and has been from day one, but to have someone you actually know read your things, and accept them, and like them, makes it really, really real.  Because isn't it much easier to submit yourself to the scrutiny of people you don't know?  It is for me, very much so.

In my grogginess, though, I knew this for sure: I had never felt more flattered.  Me oh my, this boy, this wonderful man of mine, took his time and made his way through my blog in the middle of the night - and enjoyed it!

And there it is guys, all the facts.  And I conclude he's a keeper.


  1. me oh my! I think it's so sweet :) He loves all that you're about of course he'd love your blog! But I know what you mean, when those close to us read along it's a different feeling!

  2. It's wonderful that he reads it :) I find this interesting. Andrew was actually the first person I told when I created my blog. To support me, he commented on my first post. I like that he reads it. I'm glad Nick is supportive of you!

  3. yayy! my boyfriend knew about my blog when it was only an idea and he has been THE biggest support. It's hard since they won't ever fully understand but the support is the best part!

  4. Totally adorable! I love how he randomly did it and picked a favorite. My boyfriend reads my blog and has been so supportive of me blogging. It is so fun to have them interested in what we do.

  5. wow thats so cute! mine knows about the blog but doesn't really read it.

  6. Yay! The coolest feeling ever. Congrats! xo

  7. Awww.... that is too sweet! We write to the world about what we are thinking in hopes others will enjoy it too! I'm super happy he did!

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