Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday, Monday

It's monday!  I hope that everyone's weekend was wonderful!  

Im excited because its almost summer and I have some fun blog stuff coming up in the next few months.  Stuff like a house tour, and style posts, and a few other goodies.  Whoopie!

This weekend was good to me.  Like really, it was exceptionally nice. There were many, many puppy cuddles, we were invited to a wedding (yes, yes yes!), and I accomplished some work related things that I was pretty over the moon about.  

Also, my hair is a hot topic of discussion, among myself.  Im fighting the urge to chop it off and go shoulder length short for a bit.  That is, until I see photos of myself with long hair and it comes to light that I am just being silly.  But still.  When that image of me, head adorned with that beautiful, flowy masterpiece (my memory is kind of a jerk sometimes, she regularly serves me wrong) gets lost in the shuffle of other very important things, I go back to the bob, and her intoxicating sophistication.  Oh its a struggle I tell ya, a down right fight.  And this is the part of the story where its anybody's game.

And now, how do I end a post that was most definitely almost completely about my hair?  Ill see y'all tomorrow.  The end.

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