Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Whatever the Weather

Yesterday was one of those days.  One of those when I have to ask why the weather forgot spring had already sprung.  I do realize that parts of the US are getting snow and I have to be thankful that that isn't whats going on outside.  Ugh, because that would bring  with it a whole slew of sour feelings .  But really, in all honesty, if going outside in shorts and a tee for a run and then realizing its fa-reezing makes you abandon said run altogether, theres a problem.  With me I suppose, but with the weather too! For real, I'm not crazy.

Then there's today, and it shows promise.  Its early still but my trusty weather app says that today will kick yesterday in the A.  Temperature wise.  And I trust it, I really do.  It is deliciously spot on 95% of the time.

Which summons the thought that maybe, just maybe, my local weatherman should download it.  Its not that he's awful, I can't say that, its just that my phone is very un-awful.  And consistently accurate.  And maybe that's just small towns for ya, I don't really know.

But here's to weather men and weather apps and mostly sunny days ahead! Except I think it's supposed to snow tomorrow.  So yeah, that's terrific, in a non-terrific sort of manner. But enough about the weather. Or whatever.

Happy Wednesday guys!

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