Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Anniversary and a Funeral

So today marks a whole twoandahalfyears with the man that I call my favorite.  Stick with me, we're not going to get mushy.  I just have to tell ya because its the best part about today.  Because next came this:

I saw a spider mug real up close and too personal.  The little bugger was trying to take up residence on my pillow, and this pillow isn't big enough for the two of us, and spiders are downright terrifying.  In true freak out fashion, I jumped and flicked the little bugger off my pillow.  Don't think I didn't think about squishing, that was a popular thought amongst my brain cells, but on my pillow?  Ewww.

So, turns out my first reaction let the little monster get away.  He can't get away!  and then I realized that this is one of my things - I know that its there and therefore it will be everywhere, at the worst possible times.  Am I right?  Ill be watching TV and he'll be there, on my hand.  I'll go to eat and he'll be perched on my food.  I am sure of it because these things happen, all the time, and you know it too.  Mobile little things, they are.

And I am now literally moving furniture.  Like I have adrenaline pumping and I am moving BIG things, without Nick's help, and with one hand all super hero like because the fate of the household depends on it and major things like that.  You'd have been really impressed.

Then I find him, on the wall behind my nightstand.  And he must be some kind of super villain because he is scaling that wall like spiderman (spiderman! except really bad).  There was a very large, very dramatic show down, slow motion ensued and it all came down to the sole of a size 7.5.  I will spare you the gory details but... Im still here, so that should clue you in.

And that is how I survived that one day, with that one very menacing booger, on a day which also happened to be our anniversary.  All in all, a successful day, I'd say.

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