Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Hey everyone!   I hope that you are all having a great Monday!  I hope no body has come down with a bad case of them...

I kind of don't mind Mondays.  Weekends are lazy and I like that but I thrive on a schedule and so after too much weekend, I relish getting back into the groove.  And my work days end at 2, so I am always especially grateful for that, on the occasions when monday isn't so welcome.

So, how did I do last week?

This past week was so-so on the weekly wishes front.  I DID start reading a new book, The Goldfinch. After dinner one night N and I were wandering around and ended up over at the bookstore, which is usually the case, us book nerds.  I saw that book and remembered hearing such good things about it so I picked it up, only to be surprised when N wouldn't let me pay for it, insisting that it was his treat.  A hefty amount of boyfriend points were awarded for that, in case you were wondering.

I didn't get out and take pictures like I had hoped.  That was a combination of bad weather and needing to watch Love Actually again.  But that's okay, there is always next week.

I did start rebranding my etsy shop and it has been pretty fun, like all you lovely ladies told me it would be.  I'll admit, I was a little stressed about doing it.  I love to design and brand for other people.  Somewhere, there is a disconnect on doing it for myself.  I have too many ideas and I want to incorporate them all.  I am just too close to it all to make an objective decision.  So I went into this lightly. I just played around with ideas, left them and came back with new, fresh eyes.  Every time I felt the stress creep up, I took a deep breath and reminded myself how much better the end product would be if I tackled this slowly, gracefully.  I hope to finish up the design bit this week and start on the photography.

Lastly, I didn't run three times this week.  Actually, I didn't even run one time this week.  I decided on an entirely different workout instead, and that's okay.  I'm trying to keep with my "resolutions" this year and be calmer, more fluid. So what if my wish was to run this week? I still worked to get myself to where I want to be, just a different way around.

This week!

This week a have a few

One. Clean out my closet, again.  I want to pare down even more.  I have to keep the mantra going: fewer, better things.

Two. Re-design my design shop.  I have let this venture fall to the way-side recently but now that things are calming down and leveling out, I want to get back into it.

Three. Eat healthier.  I am pretty good about eating a healthy breakfast and lunch but when it comes to dinner I am all over the place.  Sometimes it's healthy but oftentimes it is whatever is quick and easy and unfortunately that usually includes some sort of take out or fast food.  I went grocery shopping yesterday with some meals in mind and I am hoping that having a plan in place makes healthy dinners a bit easier to come by.

Four. Do something by myself.  I don't know what yet but I want to do something that I would normally do with someone else, on my own.  There is just something about it that makes me feel peaceful and happy.  And maybe a little extra independent, too.

Here's to another week! What about you all?

The Nectar Collective


  1. great list! I am currently trying to think of a small trip to take by myself..ive always had a fear of traveling alone and its about time I step out of my comfort zone.

  2. I've written in my planner to go through and de-clutter my closet and dresser the last Friday of each's just so helpful to do it so often. Less is better!

  3. Great wishes. I'm workin' on de-clutterin' my life as well.

  4. Being an only child I am very independent and if I don't get in some me time... I'm not a fun person to be around, lol! So cheers to that fourth wish. I am so "for" independence and just taking time to be by yourself. It is so refreshing for me!! :-)

  5. Few, better things. I couldn't agree more! About two years ago I picked up that mantra myself. My husband and I decided that we were actually wasting more money buying a lot of not so great quality stuff that broke and wasn't something that we loved. We now buy fewer things without even trying!