Thursday, November 07, 2013

Monthly Musts // November

Must watch football.  College football, specifically.  I am a football nut come the fall time and with all the family get togethers that are about to happen, I need to be up on how all the college teams are faring.

must make pumpkin bread.  November marks the beginning of the two month span of guilt free comfort food overload.  I'll worry about those extra pounds come January because I've caught the holiday bug and the only cure is more... pumpkin bread.

must go to multiple family get togethers on one day, eat lots of food (I'm sensing a trend..), and repeat.  Some people may find this hectic but I loooove making the rounds on Thanksgiving.

must wear sweatshirts.  I am pretty over the moon about the new embellished ones.  Now I can wear a sweatshirt literally everywhere and still be accepted, socially.

must smell that wonderful aroma of people starting to use their fireplaces.  That smoky smell hanging in the air is one of my most favorite smell, of all time.

must wonder about why the holidays are just so darn magical.  

must feel that this is the start of the most glorious time of the year.  There's no stopping this crazy excitement.


  1. Everything about this is totally acceptable and I agree!

  2. Love this list! Could you tell me where to locate all of the embellished sweatshirts? I need to be accepted also! haha!

  3. Mmm! I've never thought of making pumpkin bread...I may have to do this one myself. Yum!

  4. Haha, yes! The January cold is significantly more brutal so I am usually over it by then.

  5. Haha, right?! I wore one to work the other day and it was the best. I looked put together (I think) but I was oh so comfy.