Monday, August 05, 2013

Over The Weekend

Hello guys!  I hope that your weekend was lovely!

I did a little of this and that.

I went to the Art Trail on Friday night with N.  It was a unique night of wine and good art and some particularly bizarre art, and trolleys, and downtown gallivanting.

Ya know, fulfilling things.

I'd like to take a moment to say that I am truly impressed at the ballsy-ness of some of the artists.  Even deep in the middle of conservative country, those guys made some art that brought a blush to my little cheeks (so not pictured).  So bravo and for shame!  At the same time.

On Saturday we made the little trek to a town called Littlefield, TX to see N's grandparents. And I'm telling ya, what a little town it is!

I always complain that my town is small, but really, 200,000 isn't that small.  Just compared to Austin, ya know.

But Littlefield, my gosh.  It covers a whopping 6 square miles and houses 6,400 people.  And I'm guessing about a million cotton farms.  That stuff's big around here, you guys.

And it's charming in a way.  In a 'lets go for a little visit' kind of way.

And I'll give it to them, the Pizza Classic made a good pie.

And oh Sunday, my Sunday.  I love a good blogging Sunday.  I wrote some posts for this week since I will be living it up in the 512 this week (that would be Austin, TX, y'all).  Annnnnnd I put together a little doo-hickey that I linked at the end of this post.

Right here:

Come check out what's going down on Wednesday!

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