Thursday, August 01, 2013

My Case for Healthy Eating

I have been eating healthier lately.  And by lately I mean that for the past few months I have made an effort to pass on the donuts and opt for the strawberries.  I've made the conscious decision to go for the salad when I really wanted a hamburger.  And don't go thinking that I am just eating healthy all the time, just like that because really, it is a struggle sometimes. 

During those times when I am going back and forth between wanting that that unhealthy yet oh-so-delicious piece of pizza and wanting to stick with it I try to bring to mind why I am doing this.  So, I thought I'd get a little serious on here and talk about why I really want it and why I am doing my best to eat healthy.

For N.  I love this new role I have.  I love being the one who makes us dinner.  I love being the person who takes care of that sort of thing.  I'm a nurturer at heart and so when I get the chance to take care of someone I love, I jump on it.  I feel like I owe it to N to make things that are healthy for the both of us.

For my vain side.  Yeah, this one has to be in here.  I want to look good, ya know?  I used to be able to eat hamburgers every day but that ship has sailed and we are now working with a grow up lady body.  The kind that decides that my metabolism was working way too efficiently in the past.  So yep, gotta keep up with this.

For my noggin.  I haven't talked about this a lot on here but sometimes anxiety really takes a hold of me.  My mind just rans rampant with petty worry and once it's gone there, it's a knock down drag out fight to bring it back.  But.  But.  Eating well, cleanly, makes a huge difference.  I didn't really believe this before I experienced it but it is true you guys.  Eating healthy really makes a huge difference.

For my Future Kids.  I want my kids to grow up in the same atmosphere I had when I was a kid.  A big part of this (something I didn't realize until I moved out) centered around the way we ate as a family.  My mom made a nice, healthy, family meal each night and it was something that we all enjoyed and I want that for my kids.  I won't have that, genuinely, if I don't create those habits now. 

For my peace of mind.  I want what I eat to always be something that benefits me as a whole.  I don't want it to just satisfy a certain craving, or just be a typical healthy food, or .  I like eating healthy because it makes me feel good.  Like all around good.  It makes me feel good in the ways I mentioned above, yeah, but it also makes me feel grounded, well-adjusted, more adult-like, if you will.  Eating healthy will make you feel good but the idea of eating healthy will make you feel good too. It's nice to have both :)

So.  What are your thoughts?  Does anyone else out there feel the same?  Different?  I'd love to hear :)

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