Friday, July 12, 2013

The Week in Instagrams

Oh it's friday, you guys!  I'm going to keep it short and sweet this morning because I have an early work day today but I'm linking up for High Five for Friday again this week so enjoy a few instagrams...

I've been consuming copious amounts of strawberries.  Call it a summer thing I guess, I just love them.  Top them off with some whip cream and I am in heaven.

Just checking out some classic reads at the book store.  Don't mind me sitting on the floor.  That's totally a thing.

I am a sucker for throwback thursday, you guys.  So yeah, this is Max when he got his first bath.  Hard to believe this guy is a whole 80 pounds now.

My morning scene.  As I mentioned before, I'm slowly becoming a morning person.  Slowly but surely.  And it's actually been quite nice.

This is actually from a few weeks ago from my trip to Austin but The Oasis people.  The Oasis.  One of my favorite places to eat in my hometown.  And the margaritas are pretty good to boot.  If you're ever visiting, make the trek out there.  Also, that's not my hand, that would be my dad's, just to clarify ;)

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  1. Ah! Your Max is so adorable!! I wish I had a throwback picture like that when mine was a pup! And hooray for becoming a morning person, once you get in the "groove" it feels so good to get stuff done before everyone else!

    Stopping by from H54F

  2. AWww...Max!!! What a cute! I'm also in love with strawberries lately...(I like to dip mine in chocolate) :-) Happy Friday!

  3. What a precious pup! That is a great pic! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Stopping by from H54F link up!
    Marissa@ OurLittleFamilyBlog

  4. awww...! adorable pics! doggy looks super cute! there's no end for cuddling this beauty, I guess! :)
    and love the view! dude! margaritas + such a view =awesomeness!

  5. Such an adorable photo of Max!

    I'm totally guilty of sitting on the floor and reading a book at the bookstore.

  6. I am starting to become a morning person too! I LOVE IT!

  7. What a little cutie you have! And that looks like my mornings most of the time too (though I'm not a morning person either!). xoxo