Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Win & Lose Wednesdays

It's Wednesday, you guys!  I hope it's been a good one so far!  This wednesday I'm bringing you something new.... Win & Lose Wednesday.  Tentatively :).  Anyway, here are a few wins and loses from this week so far:


1. I officially have less then two weeks left at my current job.  To say I am ecstatic would be an understatement.  Am I a little apprehensive?  Sure!  But the excitement I feel can't be beat.  I can't wait to see what's next.

2.  I booked my plane ticket to Chicago!  I am going in September to visit my old college roomie who is making it big out in Chi-Town as an engineer.  I'm super proud of her!  Also, I'm happy for me because I get to stay with her, fo' free!  And I just happened to have enough frequent flier miles to cover my trip.  Sooo... free trip to Chicago, here I come.

3. So you all remember that my dog had puppies, right?  Well, like the sucker I am I couldn't help but keep one, much to N's dismay.  I really plan on trying to give her to my parents (look guys, she's so cute!) but I just can't give her to a stranger, she's been with us too long.  Buuuuut, the win in this is that I'm pretty sure we have her potty trained.  So that's a win win because we might be the best potty trainers ever!  Or she's just super smart.  Probably both.


1. While the air conditioner was out we had to make use of the open window.  I opened up every last one of them to help the house stay cool in the evening.  Well little did I know that Mr. Kitty likes a good open window and isn't one bit deterred by a screen.  I went to close the window as we were going to bed and realized that the screen was busted.   N knew the culprit right away.  So we ran outside to find that he didn't get far, he found a bugger friend and stayed close.

2. I was totally feeling a wine night the other night.  Yay!  Wine, as we all know, is like life juice, right?  So I high tail it to the grocery store to pick up my favorite.  My friend and I spend too much time (maybe 30 minutes) in the wine aisle deciding on what to get because there are so many options!  And pretty bottles!  And oh my gosh!  Then we take our bottles to the front, check out, and go home.  Once I'm home, I pour myself a glass and sit down on the couch with excitement and promptly... fall asleep.  Wine night thwarted.

3. Upon inspection of our house I've realized that some how N has put off the unpacking of mostly all of his things.  How might you ask?  The offending boxes have all taken up residence in the spare bedroom closet!  And I'm here to tell you, there's a bunch of stuff.  Like, I thought girls were the pack rats?  Let it be known that I have been proven wrong.  We're gonna get on that mess, and soon.  

Why don't you join me??  What's the good, bad, and funny in your week?


  1. hah! what a fun post! you're so cool sharing all this with others! congrats to your puppy.. what can be cutter than little puppies? :)))
    and wine... gosh. I didn't have any for a while. How I would love to.. with some cheese! but being honest - wino makes me sleepy usually as well...

  2. Gah I want to go to Chicago SO bad! It's on my 2013 bucket list and I must make it happen. And yay to puppies and 2 weeks left at your job. All awesome wins.