Monday, June 03, 2013

For a Cool Spring Day (Happy Monday!)

So spring is here and summer is fast approaching but yeah, there are still a few cool days and (mercifully) cool nights and this girl might need a sweater or something not quite summer-y for those times when the weather is feeling a bit reminiscent of recent past temperatures.  How's that for a run on sentence?

But this is what I like for those days.  Those wonderful, wonderful days that give my sweaters a few extra days of love.  Because, come on, fall is really the best season of all.  Hands down, end of story, sayonara sistaaa.

cool spring

Sweater    iPhone Case    Specks    Necklace    Shorts    Tote    Oxfords    Notebook

But also, I came here to say, Happy Monday to each and every one of you!  Monday is actually looking prett-ay sweet from where Im sitting.  This weekend was a bit on the crazy side, and generally feeling overwhelmed ensued and such things as they are and blah blah.  It goes on!  But monday is nice.  Back to the norm and only 3 days until vacation.  So we're just going to Austin for a wedding, but that's okay!  I love weddings and the city called Austin (she's rad!) and road trips and oh boy the shopping that will happen.  You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be shopping.  

So here's to mondays being a good thing this week!  Yay yay yay #happygirl

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  1. oh my oh my oh my!!! I just LOVE a bag! Seriously !
    i wish it would be a bit cheaper.. :)
    great post though!