Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thursdays on the Inside: Bedrooms

This week we're seeing bedrooms.  And I suppose that it is a bit ironic that the week I feature beds is in fact the same week that actual sleeping seems to be eluding me.  I have been keeping uncharacteristic work hours that have been kicking my butt, if we're being honest.  But that is all over come Friday.  Thank all that is good!  And then I will be burying myself under a fluffy duvet - hibernation style.

I have spent many a day pouring over craigslist, the thrifty nickel, and realtor magazines looking for that one perfect place that has everything I want -  or everything I am supposed to want.  And who says I what I want?  Why, photos of course!  I look at all these photos of beautiful houses with solid bones complemented by subway tile back splashes, reclaimed wood floors, and vintage kitchen cabinets.  And then I think: yes, I could have that.  I could find a place that has all these things, or at least the potential for all this.  But also I realize, thats a lot to ask, isn't it?  And who says that these are the things I need in a home?  The reason I placed such an emphasis on these beautiful things was because of just that - they looked so beautiful in all the photos that I have come across.  When I really take a step back and look, I realize why there is so much intrigue there.  It is not because these features are intrinsically beautiful, though many are, but it is because of the way that they are presented, played up, prepared.  To make a house into a beautiful and peaceful home one doesn't need to check off a list of things but rather find your homes' stand out, unique features, and play to their beauty.  Keep your home from being untraditionally cookie cutter and find those unexpected and under appreciated features and make them grand.

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  1. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

  2. that bed looks so comfy!! I kind of wish I could take a nap in it lol

  3. hey Sarah! I saw your button on Eleven Sixty.. and since mine is on her blog too i wanted to pop over and say hello! Love your blog girl... following you now!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You sound tired! I hope you catch up on your beauty rest! As a college kid, I understand the need!

    I am so excited to follow you via GFC! Glad I stopped by your blog.
    I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch xoxo

  5. Hello Sarah, I just stumbled across your blog, it's so beautiful! I want to throw myself across a room into each one of these beds. Being in bed has to be the best thing in the whole world surely? I'd hibernate for a good third of the year if I could!

    Happy to be following along to read more!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...