Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving Day

So I am moving today and yesterday and tomorrow and the next day.  Yeah, things have been slow moving over here, and bad planning only exaggerated that little fact but with a few days off of work I think we will get things going.  So really this post is an apology for the lack of posts prior to today and a request for leniency if I don't have many posts the next few days either.  Although, I am going to try my best!  

Anyway, a little shout out to an etsy shop I love... this wonderful print (featured above) is the first thing I bought for our new place.  Isn't it wonderful?


  1. Oh! I love this print!!! Who's the author of it? (as I'm obsessed with posters and illustrations) hah :)
    good luck with the moving, though! :)

    1. Isn't it adorable? Its by Yellow Button Studio on Etsy ( Thanks :)

  2. Cute picture! It's adorable!! I HATE moving don't you? We just moved and it was THE WORST. I'd happily never move again for the rest of my life! But good luck to you! :) CUTE BLOG SARAH! love it!:)