Monday, July 14, 2014

Would you Foster an Animal?

In college I had a few friends that fostered dogs. I admired them for it but I didn't think that I would ever do it myself. For one, I can't not get attached. I can't take in an animal, feed it, nurture it, and care for it and then give him up to someone else without feeling some sort of big loss. Secondly, I was always worried about the commitment to getting a dog adopted. 

But you know, never say never.

Meet Hank… 

If you're following me on instagram then you may already know this but… I'm fostering a dog!

I get really mushy when it comes to animals, especially dogs. Last week someone shared a post on facebook explaining that there were a group of dogs that were at risk of being euthanized in San Antonio due to the overpopulation of their kennels. I knew I shouldn't look at all the pictures but I did, of course, and there was no going back.

It pains me to think of any of these pups being put to sleep but as I was looking at the pictures there was  just something about this one pup. I was hit with such a strong conviction that I couldn't get past so I went for it. It was a whirlwind thing. One night I was looking at a picture of this precious puppy and the next day I was driving through San Antonio's rush hour traffic to pick him up. 

I feel so blessed that he has fit right in with the dogs that I already have and I have already had a few people interested in adopting him! 

If I didn't already have a few pups myself I might actually want to do this all the time but alas, Nick wouldn't let me.

Would you ever foster a dog? Have you? What was your experience?


  1. Good for you for taking a leap and fostering! I started looking into fostering dogs with the local rescue that I adopted my cat from.... and that's how I met the dog I adopted, Ru. Good luck not adopting this one too! Hopefully you can find him an awesome home. I'd love to foster one day too, but it definitely needs to wait until I own a home instead of just renting.


  2. I would love to foster dogs if I had the space!!! When I got my doxbull we had him in the house and when my ex and I broke up now he is an outside dog. If I had better conditions for more I would definitely foster because Kaimana would love to have friends every now and then!

  3. This is so awesome! Go you!! I'm afraid I would get too attached, but that's awesome to see you did it!

  4. This is amazing! It is such a great experience! I usually foster kittens, but I've also done chinchillas and dogs sometimes. I actually just dropped one little foster puppy off this afternoon and it was probably the hardest I've ever had say goodbye. It's hard to not get attached, but it's so worthwhile. You're doing an awesome thing even if it gets hard! High fives!

  5. Thanks! It's been great! I just got this little guy adopted on Wednesday and it was pretty hard letting him go. I just try to remember that they are going to love him and give him a great home… but I still miss him. Definitely worthwhile, though :)

  6. I definitely got attached but it was worth it :)

  7. Definitely! If I didn't already have my two pups then I would foster more often. My girls loved having another dog to play with, it was so sweet!

  8. That's awesome! I actually just got this little guy adopted on Wednesday so I didn't end up adopting him myself, which is probably best. I definitely miss him but I would love to foster more in the future.