Friday, March 07, 2014

On Friday

It's been a week.  Y'all know what I mean, right?

I'm not sure what it is but I have been completely exhausted, despite my getting to bed earlier.  I actually ended up going to the doctor for this reason and hopefully they can shed some light on it…

Even though I missed a few posts this week I'm back with a little recap of my week.

This picture is kind of cheating since it was taken a while back when we were hanging out in McKinney.  It was right after we went to Kendi's shop.  Downtown McKinney is a dream and I've been thinking about taking a little weekend trip in that direction.

I've been doing a lot of working from my bed.  It's nice but it also means it easy to slip into TV watching mode and start catching up on How I Met Your Mother.  For any of you who watch it, do you just love the mother?  The whole time I was thinking that when we finally met her I would see her as an outsider but the more and more I see of her the more adorable she is.

I snapped this picture one morning this week when I got up for work.  I went to do my hair and makeup and when I came back, Ellie had snuggled up into my spot.  The sweetest.

And lastly, this.  This guy was riding his horse through a neighborhood and he is about to ride past a grocery store.  This looks like it's in the middle of nowhere but it just happens to be an empty lot.  

When I was in middle school I had a friend that moved to Florida.  When she came back to visit she told us that people would ask her if Texans rode horses to school. No, of course not.  But in this guy's case, sometimes the Texas stereotypes turn out to be true.

Side note, there is actually an old barn in the middle of my college campus because students used to be able to pay their tuition in livestock.  Just a little fun fact.

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I've been having a strange week too, I can't seem to find a balance between being super tired and not being able to go to sleep...I'm hoping to also rebalance this weekend! I moved to Houston from Arizona and I too thought everyone here was going to be riding around on horses and wearing cowboy hats everyday. Anyways, hope you get to feeling better and have a great weekend :)

  2. How funny that he was just riding along! I love fun facts about campuses,ours was founded in 1845 and so had lots of random rules and facts. One rule was that if you turned up to your finals wearing a full coat of armour, the professors had to give you a brandy. No one in our class ever dared try it, but lore on campus was that it really would work! Hope the weekend does the trick and you feel better soon :)

  3. Hope you start feeling better! I agree 100% about "The Mother" - she fits in with the group perfectly, and I wish this season had more scenes with her in them. I'm excited and sad to see it come to an end!

  4. Love the Mother! I was the same way, at first I felt so protective over Ted and kept thinking how is this woman going to be that perfect!? and she really is perfect! Great show!!

  5. Your pictures are so pretty! New reader over here:)