Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Ramblings

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was spent in Austin, hanging out with my family, and realizing how much cooler my parents are now that us kids are grown and out of the house.   Or maybe it's just a perception thing? Hah! Either way, if y'all are reading this, mom and dad, y'all are cooler than some of my friends, just saying.

So we hung out, drank wine and margaritas, watched Baylor eat up on my Red Raiders (but hey, at least Baylor is a Texas team, y'all!), and got my hair done (with more wine).  So, you see, it was a solid weekend.

Also, I'd like to be educated on the popularity of Formula 1.  From what I saw, Austin was hosting a ridiculous amount of rich Europeans (who really love 6th street, apparently).  They were all paying $500 for helicopter rides and thousands for hotels.  And what I got out of it was extra expensive drinks and no celebrity sightings :(

But there is another reason for this post today.

I have a little story for you.

A lot of you know that I started a new job a few months back.  It was the job that I was so, so excited about and actually jumped up and down for when I got the call that I got it.  It paid well, the hours were good, the benefits were awesome, and there was boo-coos of advancement opportunities.  It was the job that I had been looking and hoping for.  Until I actually started working there.

I have never had a job that made me feel as stressed out, uptight, and generally manic as this one. And before we go any further, this company is actually a wonderful company.  I don't have any beef with them, it's just that this job was a horrible fit for me, personally.  So, I weighed my options, had a mini break down, and over-thought all the reasons that quitting a job so early made me a quitter.  Then I picked myself up and decided that I didn't want to settle and that being proactive about my situation didn't make me a quitter, it just meant that I had high standards for my happiness.  Ya know, those things.

And then a wonderful little thing happened.  I was happier and I took a few days off and then found myself at a little office, with some wonderful people, in a job that is a much better fit for me. And I am so, so grateful that something came along at the exact right time, kind of like it was meant to be.

Anyway... I am linking up this monday!  I hope it's a great one :)



  1. Way to make the best decision for YOU!! I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision, but it seems like it was a good choice.

  2. Awh, thank you hun! It did take a lot of thought but in the end it was pretty liberating! I'm glad I did it. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it :)

  3. Hi Sarah! :) I'm a reader of your blog. I'm glad everything falls into place for you. The important thing is you're happy and you enjoy it!