Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two In The Same

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The other day, while attempting to write a post for the Blogtember challenge, I started thinking about all the places that I want to travel.  The list is literally endless.  It probably includes every single square inch of this crazy beautiful earth.  And yeah, I want to see it all!

While I was thinking though, I remembered reading some 30 by 30 lists (as I am making my own right now!) and I saw this:  "A life list should be a list of the things that you intend to do in your life, not things that you wish that you could do."

This saddens me a bit.  I get it, it's a practical approach and there always needs be at least a hint of practicality so that we can take care of responsibilities, but what about those things I wish I could do?  I wish I could live abroad, but I could also intend to do that.  I could make a lot of sacrifices and do just that.

And I don't know if I am just at that point in my life - that point where I feel like I can do anything if I try hard enough (be it naively or with wisdom) but I want those to be two in the same.

I have always seen traveling abroad as one of those things that I "wish I could do."  Ever since I started blogging and started running across travel blogs, the idea has become less and less far fetched and has seemed more tangible than ever before.

It's like you read about these things and think about these things from time to time and most of the time it's all just thought. And then there is just that one time when it means something different, when it sticks to you and you take it to heart.  That veil of impossibility falls away and go, 'why can't I?'  And you actually mean it.

This all to say that I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I am going to be doing once all my schooling is done is less than a year.  And truthfully, I still don't know.  But in the same, I am tired of wanting something but not giving myself enough credit or enough faith in myself to believe I can see it through.  So I am going to keep researching and talking and dropping my ideas on N for this exciting future that I have in mind.


  1. Traveling really is great! I hope you can find the time and money to travel one day because it truly is the best experience. Best of luck in your potential future travel ventures! :-)
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  2. Great post! I definitely see where you're coming from. I'm actually planning on doing a "you can travel too!" post on my blog soon to explain how I managed to backpack around Europe for six weeks earlier this year, because so many of my friends tell me how cool it was and I think, "You could do it, too!" It will be part of my Travel Tuesday series, so I hope you'll keep an eye out. :)

  3. I just wrote about all the places I want to see, and it is a very long list! I'm optimistic that I can see lots more before I die... But I too feel the fear that 'growing up' will start to limit all of the things I want to do, that I'll get tied down in jobs and mortgages... I'm going to try to keep adventuring! If you have the travel bug, go exploring! It will be the best thing you ever do.

  4. I love this post. I have had a similar experience. I always dreamed of travel, but I really never thought it would happen to me for money concerns or whatnot, but blogs have really given me a serious travel bug and I am trying to prioritize things to make it more possible. The flip side of it is that I sometimes really worry that all the blog travel dreaming makes me feel a little overwhelmed or...inadequate? Maybe it's a bit of jealousy, but it is good to keep in in perspective. <3 Glad I found your blog!

  5. Hmm, I think you really touch on a very important point here... about dreaming and the way we limit ourselves with "practicality" or "reality." I think that there's a balance, yes (as you mentioned), but sometimes it's good to just let our minds go wild and not think so much about the how. I feel like the point of a 30x30 list isn't to just write down a bunch of stuff you already plan on doing, it's to stretch yourself -- at least a little bit! And the deadline adds a little bit more drama. But it's fun to think of putting things on the list that might seem impossible -- things like "up and move to Australia" or "go skydiving." Even if they seem completely opposite to you. And then once they are out there, the ball's in motion. And the thrill is figuring out if and how these things will happen. But what's the point of writing a list when all of the things are so achievable and easy? I mean, I'm sure that serves some people, but a list like that is meant for at least a little dreaming!

  6. Love this post! I came across your flog through Found Love. Now What? As a traveler myself I think that so much of the time we put things off for the future and that's not really living... sometimes we just need to take that leap of faith and do it!