Monday, September 02, 2013

The Snail Mail Collective

Happy monday, you guys!  I hope that everyone is having a lovely day, especially if you are off of work this labor day.  

Today, I'm linking up with The Nectar Collective and Lost in Travels for their Snail Mail Collective!  

This month I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica from Independent Travel Cats.  It was so nice to be able to chat back and forth and learn a bit about another blogger out there!  Not to mention that I pretended that I was doing all the traveling that I was reading about on her blog :)

Jessica lives right in the heart of the Silicon Valley and runs her travel blog, Independent Travel Cats, with her boyfriend, Ethan.  And yes, they have two cats!

They once took a 24 day trip to Europe which sounds just amazing! You can read all about their adventures on their blog of course, but a few of my favorites include the time they attended a free fashion show, their account of eating macaroons in Paris, and some research on slum tourism (something I had never heard of!).

The theme this month was Under the Sea.  It was kind of tough for me to stick to the theme and some of my little gifts were loosely related (sorry, Jessica!) but, let me tell ya, she nailed it!  She sent me a package in the mail with a package of Sea Salt and Dark chocolate caramels (delish!), some post cards, a candle, and a magnet.  I am a sucker for quotes/inspirational stories/good advice so I absolutely loved how the candle and magnet have some words of wisdom.  

And not to mention, she wrote me such a sweet, encouraging note!  

So, firstly, go check out my friend Jessica's blog.  Pop on over and say hi!  If there is anything that this little exchange has taught me, it's that it is immensely more satisfying to get to interact with the person behind the blog and actually become friends!  

Secondly, if any of you are even remotely interested in participating in the snail mail collective, then go sign up! It's a wonderful way to connect with people and make friends, all around the world!

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  1. Such a lovely idea and a great way to get to know fellow bloggers :-)
    Rowdy Fairy Blog
    Follow Me on Bloglovin!

  2. It totally is! I'm glad I stumbled across the sign ups when I did. It makes the whole world of blogging seem a little less huge!

  3. Hi Sarah! I am so glad that you liked the gifts and enjoyed the candies. No worries on the Under the Sea theme, I still very much loved your gifts and more importantly getting to know you and your blog. I just posted about the Snail Mail Collective experience as well and will add it to the link up although I combined it with some other things about blogging as well. Look forward to continuing to getting to know you!!


  4. I follow both of you! What a nice way to meet other bloggers.

  5. Jessica sent you such wonderful gifts! you lucky girl!

  6. She definitely did! It was such a nice little treat!

  7. Yay! It was really nice to make a new blogging buddy :)

  8. I did, thank you :) My thinking was: the crocodile notebook is kind of sea related bahah. And I just liked the travel coasters.

    I look forward to getting to know you more as well. In fact, I'm emailing you back right now!