Saturday, August 17, 2013

Words for Your Saturday

Okay, so this isn't exactly inspirational but I am in the process of going through my home and paring down.  I am trying to focus on quality, not quantity.  Buy better, buy less.  And above all, making sure that it is beautiful to me.

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  1. That is definitely something that I live by! It makes life so much easier, in so many ways. Good luck my dear! xoxo

  2. As I was moving all of my things into my dorm room, I kept wishing that I had this quote in mind back in May when I was packing everything up. Pared down and quality items make for a much more beautiful and creative space.

  3. Ha, I just got around to reading this today, and well I had this overwhelming urge to purge this evening and so that is what I am doing... look out Freecycle and CL here I come! Thanks for the Inspirational to me words :)