Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Am Grateful, Week 3

So, I've been such a bad blogger this past week.  So very very bad and I definitely know it!  It has been a heck of a week, though.  But really, any excuse I give is just lost on the breeze, ya know, because I know that there are dedicated bloggers out there that blog through the ringer.  As I wish it were with me.  But yeah.

But, I am completely, 100% on board with this link up, so you can always bet that when I take an impromptu blogger break, I will be back, showing my face (sheepishly) on wednesday.  Like clockwork.  

So, lets just jump right in, shall we?

My washer/dryer.  For the past few months we've been treking it to the laundromat.  Which has actually turned out to be quite nice.  I can literally sit and do nothing without feeling bad about it.  I mean, I am washing clothes, so there's that.  I'm not totally being lazy.  Except I am and I'm a master at that little thing we call justification.  But, I digress.  While sitting at the laundromat the other day I was internet browsing on my phone.  Because I forgot my book.  And and because I am feeling rambl-y today and stuff, I'll just say, the fact that my brain forgot to tell my hands to grab my book off the table was almost grounds for not doing laundry.  I almost threw in the towel.  Literally, bahaha.  Bad jokes aside, I was internet surfing on my phone and somehow found myself on craigslist, looking at washers and dryers.  I guess my subconscious is dramatic like that.  Forget a book and now the laundromat has lost its magic or something.  Or has it?  Because scrolling through, I came across a listing for a washer and dryer set, almost brand new, for less than the price of the cheapest dryer at Home Depot.  When N got home from work I mentioned heavily that I found a helluva deal and after I told him the details, he was in!  We picked it up that afternoon.  I'm happy. The laundry room is also pretty happy as it will now be used for its intended purpose, rather than a puppy play room.

My Nutcracker Snowglobe.  My new project is organizing the house.  I've always been a fairly organized person myself but with all the moving around, things have gotten a little but scattered.  And I get to feeling a little frazzled when things aren't all grouped together.  Like when the extra sheets are either in the bathroom, or the spare bedroom, or in the hall closet.  Or all three locations.  Bah humbug.  That relates, just give me a sec!  

So I was doing my thing,  throwing everything into the middle of the living room to sort.  Yeah, I committed that organizing sin.  And yeah, I gave up about half way in.  But thats not the point.  The point is that at the bottom of one of the bins I dumped into that horrible pile was a snowglobe.  This one was particularly special to me because my dad bought it for me.  He just has this way about making things special.  Because this little thing isn't anything extraordinary but when I shook it and wound it up and it started playing the nutcracker tune and snow started falling around the little guy in there, I felt so comforted.  And at peace.  I know it's only August and all, but it's now sitting on my nightstand.  Aaaaand, I think I might leave it there year round.

This Walmart Employee.  So, after we bought the previously mentioned washer and dryer I volunteered to go on over to walmart to purchase a dryer hose or tube, or something.  And that's where the problem likely started.  I asked where these guys were, straight away.  An older man directed me to the aisle and I set off.  I picked out the cheapest one and called it good.  The afore mentioned man came walking down the aisle and said that he apologized in advance if the next comment insulted my intelligence, but did I have a clamp? Nope, probably not.  So, without hesitation, irritation, or anything but genuine helpfulness, he said, 'well let's find you one!'  And he searched for one.  All the while just talking about the importance of clamps and outdoors and you could just tell he's one of those people who loves their job and their life and pretty much just wins.  I'm sure you know the person.  But, they were sold out.  This guy, though.  He opens a tube package that cost double the one I've picked out and gives me the clamps out of that one!  'Here ya go honey, take these, I don't want you to leave empty handed,' is what he says to me.  And my gosh, my heart really sang at the moment.  Songs of gratefulness, of course.  I was just floored that this guy was so nice.  For no reason.  No reason at all.  Shucks.  I give you an A++ mister.

Whew!  If you're still here, I applaud you.  And thank you because that was a novel right there.  That's a week off of blogging for ya!

So, what are you all thankful for this week?  Write a post and link it up :)

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  1. KateAdam Florken8:50 AM, August 21, 2013

    Awww!! That Wal-Mart story was sooooo sweet! Such a nice, nice man! Kudos to him! Wish I could give him a hug!


  2. Aw I love when I meet people like that!