Monday, August 12, 2013

The One in Which I Waited All Weekend For Breaking Bad

So Im writing this post to you from Sunday night, over here.  I don't have a whole lot to say about this weekend, except that it was nice and relaxing and involved a bit of the few:

Margaritas, nachos, a best friend, some cuddly pups, a boyfriend, and even some Call of Duty.

It was blissful!

And as for blogging purposes I realize now that I need to do more exciting things.  Ya know, like go out and cause a ruckus!  Oh and take pictures because otherwise, its all deniable.  But sometimes life is a little more boring than that.  And enjoyable really because ruckus causing is stressful sometimes, is all.

Yadda yadda.  I could go on and on and bore you with stringing words together but who'd want that?!  :)

I am now going to partake in one of the more interesting parts of my weekend: Breaking Bad.

It starts again tonight, you guys!  Or last night, because you're reading this on monday.  Oops.

Side note:  if you're a fan of breaking bad and you haven't had the enjoyment of getting hypedddddd up for it with Aaron Paul on twitter, then Im not sure what you're doing with your life.

I kid.  But really, its super fun.

And I love him.  Okay?

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  1. Vaida Tamošauskaitė4:43 AM, August 12, 2013

    oh my! I seriously don't know what I'm doing with my life.. that i missed this! Love Breaking Bad! And Aaron Paul is more than just awesome! I will definitely be taking a break in a bit, and will watch it!

  2. I hadn't been following him either, but I am now! That was the highlight of my weekend too.

  3. I love Breaking Bad! We've always been a season behind watching on Netflix. Now that we are all caught up my husband is out of town for a while and now I STILL have to wait to watch it. If I get a spoiler alert about what happens I'm going to be bummed.

  4. Sounds like a relaxing weekend. Ah, I am way behind in following Breaking Bad! I lived in Albuquerque for a year and they shoot the show on location there so it was fun to see where they were shooting the different scenes. They put up little signs with chemical symbols and arrows on them pointing to the shooting locations:)

  5. Oh wow, that's awesome! I didn't realize that they actually shot the show there. I would have been so fan-girlie if I had gotten to see that!

  6. Ugh, that is the worst! When my boyfriend and I had just started watching I always seemed to want to watch it when he was taking a nap! I had to stop myself from just going ahead and watching anyway.

  7. Haha, me either! I just started following him not too long ago. Breaking bad and Aaron Paul, a win.