Friday, July 26, 2013

What A Week!

Oh me oh my, what a week it has been!  I never thought being unemployed would be so much work!  I kid, I kid.  But it really had been a doozy!  I'm beyond ready for the weekend though because I will be going home to Austin for a few days with my two pups.  I've never traveled with both of them before so Im sure I'm in for a treat.

But besides that, here is my usual friday instagram post!  Linking up with Lauren as usual :)

Oh, PS!  Sorry my pictures are kinda wonky, I got snazzy with my photo apps this week, adding borders and things.  I just now realized it makes for an awkward looking instagram post.  My bad.

I don't have a green thumb, at all.  I have a little plant on our front porch and the only reason it is alive right now is because it has rained for the past three days.  You'd think I couldn't forget about a pretty little plant that I walk past, I dunno, like 10 times a day.   But you'd be mistaken, my friend.

As some of you know (okay, maybe everyone knows, at least everyone in Twitter!) I quit my job a few weeks ago.  This week N called me up to work and he and some of the people from work surprised me with a going away cookie cake.  We clearly speak the same language.  It was delish and I got to take home the left overs.  We DO still have some, I do have some self control.

Who sits by my bed and watches me read?  That guy, right there!  It'd be creepy, if it were anyone else.

I just discovered Parks and Rec. and it seems like it needs to be said that I may have been living under a rock.  Oh my, it is hilarious.  It was funny before the glass of wine too, just so we're clear.

I don't want to say the word unemployment too many times in one post but I'm going to try... Since I am unemployed, I have been jewelry making like crazy.  It seems I have the time.  I am finally making good use of the room that I call my office - Even if just to prove to N that a 3 bedroom apartment really IS a good idea for 2 people.

Sooooo, you know the drill.  Link it up!

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  1. oh no, those photos look great! i love the colours of flowers in a first one! so pretty! :) and your puppy looks adorable! sooo cute! :))
    being unemployed isn't very bad. when you keep yourself busy. I'm kinda unemployed almost a year now, but I started some kind of business, do graphic design, create blogger designs, so have to admit - I'm happiest ever! this is just what I always wanted to do! not earning that much, but it's not the matter.. much better to work for yourself, than for someone else!
    keep on going with the jewellery, looks very pretty! X

  2. I'm SOO excited that you discovered parks and rec! When I discovered it I literally watched every episode in like 2-3 weeks. SO GOOD! :)

  3. oh gosh, have fun going through Parks and Rec. seriously one of the best shows!

  4. Yesss. Parks & Rec. It just gets better and better each time I watch it -- yes, even pre-wine ;) And your pup is super handsome! Looks like such a lovebug.

  5. Aww, thanks! Yeah, he is such a sweetheart and a relentless cuddlebug.

    I'm sad because Im almost to the end of the episodes on netflix! I might have to turn around and watch them again!