Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Super Classic Pieces: Shoes

I love a good, versatile shoe wardrobe.  And I never say no to browsing through a shoe store! As I have gotten older, however, I have been looking for more classic pieces.  Whenever I am talking about fashion/clothes/anything I wear with my friends, I am constantly describing things as "super classic."  It seems that this is my go-to measure of stylish-ness.  And it makes sense because I like to stick with a majority of basics which, by default, tend to become classic pieces.

So, with a wardrobe that is bountiful in basics (and classics!) I thought I'd put together a little series about "super classics" - tried and true by yours truly.
Classic Pairs of Shoes you need in Your Wardrobe

If these are the only shoes I was allowed to wear, I think i'd be satisfied.  These are my general go-tos for footwear.  The key here is a neutral color and classic silhouette.  And a quality pair.  My rule of thumb is to go cheap for the crazy, outlandish things, and splurge a bit on the good stuff.  The good stuff will be with you longer than those hot pink heels that were only for your halloween costume.  

A well rounded shoe wardrobe includes some classic booties, a pair of riding boots, some strappy black (or nude) heels (which are good to have even if you are heel adverse, like myself), a pair of black loafers, a classic pair of ballets, a do-it-all set of sneakers, strappy cognac sandals, and your iconic rain boots.

Do you agree? Disagree? Did I miss something?  What are your go-tos?


  1. Agree!!!! Completely. Love every shoe you posted. I would just add my crochet Toms and leather Rainbow flip-flops:).


  2. yeah! I definitely agree! :) well, I'm not such a fan of heels, but they're definitely must have! my favourites are classic boots, converse, toms, some flat sandals, riding and rain boots, and heel boots! :)

  3. Right on the money! Can't wait for the rest of this series!