Monday, July 15, 2013

Genuine Thoughts: An Ode to Blogging

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I have been blogging regularly for about 6 months now.
I guess regularly is a relative term as sometimes I don't post as much as I should but never mind...  

I've been thinking lately, like really wandering around my brain, about this whole world of blogging.  It's strange isn't it?  I'm baffled and alternatively enamored with this new world that I have thrust myself into.  I've come across so many amazing blogs, big and small and I realize that we have all created this opportunity for ourselves.  

We literally started with nothing but a computer and went on to create a space that displays little pieces of ourselves that serve as our representative to this online community.  

Which makes us all kind of amazing, am I right?

And brave!  We are putting ourselves out there willingly, vulnerability high and all.  And people are creating blogs not based around a structure, but around their beliefs, and lifestyles, and loves.

And maybe it's scary at times, but mostly, it's just invigorating.

Being a part of this community is inspiring and I feel so uniquely blessed to be a part of it.  Both for the people I've met and for the sheer fact that it makes me happy to write and read and share and learn along side so many others that appreciate this thing as much as I do.

And I mean, it's fun!  It's rewarding and special.

And here's what I know: blogging is an adventure.  It's a long, rambling, ever changing quest.

Which, to me, is the most wonderful way to think about it.

So yeah.  I really like doing this.  And here's to liking it even more in the future!  


  1. Blogging really is an amazing experience. Whatever your reasons are, we're all taking a chance by putting ourselves out there, you're right. Congrats for sticking with it my dear! I can't wait to see what you come up with for this little space of yours. xoxo

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

  3. Agreed, I love blogging!

  4. Just found you through Simply Clarke. I LOVE your blog! following :)

    - Jen

  5. I love this! I think about this also. How we all just go for it! and we all had to start by just starting. It is amazing to me too.

    XO XO