Friday, July 05, 2013

7 Reasons I'm Failing as An Adult

The other day I was sitting in my living room, reading blogs and the like and I started thinking about life.  Yeah, here we go! Among other things, that you'll hear about later, I was thinking about the state of my adult-hood and wondering when anyone ever feels "grown up."  I also marveled at the state of my childhood  and how if my mother even had these problems, she hid them oh-so-well.  And seriously, will I ever get to  that point?  Or is the "put together" adult all a big hoax, a facade that slowly starts to slip as you get older?

Whatever it is, a hoax or just the fact that adulthood and I haven't gotten comfortable yet, I've realized that I've got some room to grow.

I can't keep a clean car to save my life.  Like if someone threatened my life, I think I might just die, I cannot do it!  And what's even in there? I don't know.  Water bottles, mostly full, naturally, because if they were empty that would mean that I was at least doing something right, like drinking water/doing good things for my body.  And along the same lines: fast food bags.  And clothes.  Which begs the question: where is my life going that I need to have changes of clothing in my car.  I'm stable guys, I promise.

My aversion to coffee is very un-adultlike.  Not caffeine, mind you, i'm pretty devoted to that stuff.  I don't know why we never really hit it off.  I mean, I don't hate it!  I just prefer a nice big coke zero in the morning, don't judge!  But yeah, I've pretty much accepted the fact that carrying around my cup and straw makes me infinitely less cool than those starbucks toting adults.

There's times when I may forget to feed my dogs.  Which makes me a bad puppy-parent, yes I know.  And I am shamed when my dogs come in and give me that look and then walk over to their food bowl.  Doh!  Good call guys, thanks for reminding me.  Also, thanks for being responsible when I am not.  Y'all are the best!

When we moved into our new place I went on a decorating kick.  Of course I did!  I did all the planning in one fell swoop and by planning I mean that I planned out where all my picture frames would hang on the wall and hung them.  Oh, did I forget to mention that about half of those frames where from my little stint at Ikea?  And that I had nothing to put in them when I bought them?  And still have nothing  to put in them, 3 months later.  Also, they're still on the walls, fake family and all.  It's actually only bad when there's company and I have to pretend like I know these framed strangers... 'yeah, that's my good friend from freshman year with her little niece...' or something like that.

This could be placed in a lot of lists but: the lack of a career.  So, I guess this one is serious, a little bit.  I feel like the mark of a good adult is having a stable, forward moving career.  Am I right?  I am mostly certainly not there.  Although, I'm not mad about it.  Yes, I do wish I had a little more direction but I am also enjoying the fact that I can flutter from job to hobby to job and makes things work.  It's a little blessing in disguise, as I have come to think of it.  Just taking time to find out what really gets me going.  Besides, real adult-ness doesn't have to start until you're 30, right?  

Budgets.  That's the beginning and end of it.  My dad sends me his self-made, color coded, awesomely detailed down to the ground budget spreadsheet* regularly and then calls me and asks me if I got it.  Yep, got it Dad!   Do I ever use it? Nope.  Do I wish I used it?  Yep!  To my parents: adulthood, you're doing it right!  Also, I am not!  * this thing really is rad, if I ever got around to using it.  I'm impressed Dad, very impressed!

Late night video game sessions.  I cringe a bit just writing that!  But I don't regret it, not one bit.  I will definitely admit, I love me a good game of call of duty, or mine craft.  I'm not ashamed!  THe experience gets even better when you pair it with 3am and margaritas, I'm telling ya.  It's fun and probably a bit irresponsible and definitely another reason I'm failing at adult like things.  Oh well?  Oh well.


  1. Hi! I am a new follower and just came across your blog the other day, and I love this post! I just turned 26 on July 1st and I have had these same thoughts.

    Even though I am married, it seems like I should be more "adult-like" but that's not the case, I am with you on the clean car and the caffeine situation...

    Oh and there is nothing wrong with late night video games sessions, ha ha ha!!


  2. I am the same way with my car!! It always such a mess! And now with my son its even worse because i have diapers, clothes, and baby shoes everywhere!

  3. My car is awful. I don't know if it will ever be cleaned until I trade it in, whenever that happens. I love that you have the picture frames up, though! I bought a pack of five frames and it comes with a guide so that you put them all up together evenly. I have pictures in 3 of the frames, but not the last two, so they're just sitting underneath my desk until I figure out something to put in those frames. I would LOVE to see that budgeting spreadsheet though! We need a budget so badly! I love this post though!


  4. I love this list! I do a lot of these same things :)

  5. I think this list refers to all 20 somethings! I'll be 30 in November and still have these habits. I don't think I'll actually be a grown up. My car is filled with clothes and shoes as well and empty water bottles because that all I drink.

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  6. I started thinking about 25 that I slowly had to let these things go to be more adult like before turning 30. Although I have grown a lot, by force and judgement towards myself today at 32 I realize there is no set adulthood. We are all our own person and our normal isn't everyone else's. Relax you are fine.

  7. I got a new car last year. It was my first car that's never been pre-owned. I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping it clean. I always keep a Target bag in there for trash and throw it away when it gets full. My car used to be a hot mess.

  8. These were hilariousness! Thank you so much for sharing. I relate to the can't keep my car clean and can't budget. I should really really work on that.

  9. you should see my car. yikes. I'm avoiding cleaning it out like the plague.

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