Friday, May 31, 2013

Snippets of Things and Stuff

And with that title, lets just dive in:

Does anyone ever have little snippets of blog-y type things come to mind and you're just conveniently sitting at the computer so you open up a new post and type one sentence.  Because that one little sentence was so profound that of course you're going to remember what it was all about later.  I go through this little scenario on most ordinary days, and on extraordinary days this happens a lot.  And right now I'd like to share with you a few of these gems, specifically the ones which must have been written by someone else, or a monkey, for pete's sake, because they make about that much sense.

"let's open up a blog..."

but I have a blog.  Don't I?  Im pretty sure thats where all these words are going... If not, that would be a novel idea.  But again, I think I DO have a blog. 

"an appropriately manly task"

Im assuming Nick did something wonderful.  So wonderful it warranted a blog post.  Something not only manly, but appropriately manly... which must be even better.

"Contrary to what the title says, there is no snow happening here this spring."

Written into a post with NO TITLE, people.  So Im wondering if there was something so super clever circling around in my noggin.  Just so clever that I'd be a fool to forget it.  Color me that fool, I suppose.

"Do you ever just sit and wonder about things?"

I did that day.  Maybe I couldn't think of anything... OR upon sitting and wondering as one does, something amazing happened, something that could not (could not! I tell you) be ignored.  And that that was a blog post that was going nowhere, real fast.  

"it's one of those days..."

...when blog posts just die. Apparently.

And lets be honest, this post is not. much. better. than these humble beginnings.  But at least now you know about the weird things that I don't post.  Or do post, as it would now appear.  Ah well.  It's friday!

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P.P.S. New blogging look, finally!


  1. Just started following your blog. I blog at "Get Busy Living". This really cracked me up. I can totally relate to writing one-liners that I forget what I was referring to at the time. Love your blog!

    1. aww, thank you! I headed over to check out your blog right this minute :)

  2. LOVING THE LOOK, GIRL! Gosh, it's so simple & gorgeous! :) Thanks for the giveaway mention! Hope you're still seeing fabulous results from it!