Monday, May 20, 2013

Dreams and Congressmen and Weekends! Oh My.

This weekend I heard a commencement speech by Congressman Ted Cruz and it was absolutely wonderful.  It was appropriately inspiring and funny and just all around a beautiful cumulation of ideas, well presented.  

But I didn't come here just to say that!  What struck me most about his speech was what he said about freedom and how this wonderful privilege provides the perfect foundation for dreams to blossom.  There was talk about the American dream and how the most amazing thing about it is that it is so commonplace.  And really, isn't this true?  This country was build on the American dream.  We are all here, on this soil because someone in our family, be it generations ago or years ago, decided to start out and try to be something else, somewhere else.  And isn't blogging similar? Blogging is a little branch off of the American dream in my book.  How simple is it to start a blog and write and create a community where formerly there was none?   And maybe it is a stretch but I like to think that this is a small, small way of pioneering something for myself.  And isn't is super exciting to think of it that way?  

So I leave you with the few words above by Elanor Roosevelt. Big, beautiful dreams people.


  1. That was an awesome post! I like the way you compared that.

  2. My parents wrote this saying on my "senior page" in my senior yearbook. This quote has always held a special place in my heart and I really enjoy seeing it every now and then when I least expect it. Thank you for reminding me of these wonderful words :)

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