Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little Sneak Peak...

Hello everyone.  Ive been out for a few days being busy with work and unpacking and decorating, of course.  Mostly decorating if we're being honest.  And let me tell you guys, I love our new home.  It's small and cozy but surprisingly spacious enough for our accumulated furniture and odds and ends.  We are slowly settling into a routine and hoping our dogs will do the same (they are exploring like crazy, still).  And still, with all this going on, we seem to find ourselves with a new family member... a cat.  Ill talk about him more later but for now he's getting along wonderfully with the pups.  

Aside from all things moving related, I am vey excited about April!  This next month ushers in lots of new things for the blog!  Maybe things like outfit posts, a home tour, and a few other things... but for now Id like to leave you with a little sneak peak into our new home.  Its not ready for the big reveal but its already starting to take shape and feel like home.

The Office

A little bit of what's going on on our mantle.

A nice kitchen chalkboard

And wine crates in the living room...

...along with pillows that tell it how it is...

...and Mr. Kitty as he is currently called.  Staking out his spot on the couch.  Permanent name to come soon.

Happy Wednesday guys!


  1. I have that same planner! Gotta love Target :)

    1. Right?! Target is my store. The majority of the things I own probably came from there.

  2. Loving the planner, seriously dont know what I'd do without mine!! And the pillow is the best!!!