Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Living Room: Basics & Frills

In a few months Nick and I will be moving into a new place!  I'm pretty ecstatic to say the least - a little because we are actually moving but mostly because it's new and different and it is filled with bare, white walls, uncovered windows, and lonely cabinets all waiting to be livened up with the stuff that makes a house a home.  Ahh, my heart flutters just imagining it.

But let us come back down to earth now, I've got things to get done.  Seeing as Nick and I are combining our things we have discussed furniture and we will be using my living room things since they are of the newer, non 1980s, variety.  Which is good because I planned on loosing that floral couch somewhere between here and there - but y'all didn't hear anything.

So I decided to make a few mood boards (and I'll be doing this for other rooms as well) that show the basics and the frills.  These are mostly the things that I had when I lived in my little one bedroom, plus a few things I plan on getting to help us grow into a larger space.

The Basics: Living Room
Antique Bronze Clock - Target, Khaki Sofa - Sams, Large Milk Crate - Target, Adjustable Floor Lamp - Target, Tear Drop Lamp Base (Target in stores), Industrial Coffee Table - Urban Outfitters, Jute Rug - Target, Ladder Bookshelf - Target, Leather Club Chairs - Target

The basics are just that - basic.  I stayed with a neutral palette so that the "bones" of the room would stand the test of time and provide a solid starting point for a variety of styles.  As we get older, I'm sure our taste's will change and these pieces will allow us that luxury.

The Frills: Living Room

Plaid Throw - Target,  Side Table - Urban Outfitters, Floral Curtain - Target, Velvet Pillow - Pier 1, Lamp Shade - Target, Tulips, Basket - Target, Captain's Mirror - Target

Oh and the frills.  The fun part of the post.  I love anything and everything and therefor pinpointing a style is pretty difficult for me.  I like I hint of industrial and a splash of vintage with some natural glam for good measure.  But really, my living room has always been a big collection of colors and styles and it has always made me feel good.  And that's the point isn't it?

What do you guys think?  Do you use this same school of thought when decorating your homes? Why or why not?


  1. Love these, good luck decorating your new place! I didn't heard thing about a lost or misplaced floral couch ;)

    1. Thank you! Good thing... what misplaced floral couch? ;)