Thursday, January 17, 2013

The One in Which I Wish Patience Was a Virtue I Had

Life lately has been slow. Agonizingly slow.  Its weird, ya know, when you hit that point where everything is changing and you're aware of where it's headed but it seems, in the moment, that everything is at a stand still, just taking its sweet time.  Wanting everything like right now is such an overpowering feeling and a really unsettling one as well.  There's a lot to be said for waiting patiently, for living in the moment, and letting things be but I find myself to be one impatient lady.  But really, why should I let the waiting game make me anxious?  And why is it so hard to just leave it in His hands?

For now, I'm working on it.  Im working on being patient even when I am so gung-ho for whats to come.  Im trying to comfort my little heart while it is yelling for the future.  Im so over-blessed and I need to learn to really appreciate that.

So here's to focusing on today and letting tomorrow be - and living this sweet life knowing it'll only be getting sweeter with time.

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