Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Five Things: I'm Pondering

  1. Why, oh, why is Call of Duty so much fun?  OR maybe the better question is how did Nick brainwash me into liking his favorite video game?  There's some eerie mind tricks going on around here.

  2. How I have the taste buds of a 6 year old.  Seriously guys!  My favorite foods consist of Macaroni, Hamburgers, french fries, and watermelon.  Not to mention I have sweet teeth (that, my friends, would be what we call a vicious case of sweet tooth).

  3. The crazy, intense love I have for Ellie. And Nick.. of course.

  4. All the pretty spring clothes!  Usually I am a fall kind of girl but right now I am absolutely smitten over spring fashion.

  5. How lucky I am that school has brought me to the land of beautiful sunsets.  Otherwise known as west texas.  Literally, every night is gorgeous.

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