Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

It's friday and I am bursting at the seams with excitement and relief.  This week has been long and tiring and I am soooo ready for some netflix binge watching of Parenthood, margaritas, and probably some online shopping, if we're being honest.

And here's a few things that I'm thinking about today…

I booked a plane ticket to Austin for next weekend and I am so excited!  Words cannot express how much I love that city.  The first thing I did was call my mom and she immediately started making plans to take me to some new restaurant on 6th street, to an old dance hall, and to an independent play that one of her friends produced.  It's funny because she and my dad would have never done this kind of stuff when I was younger.  I think it's official, my mom is cooler than me.

On a related note, I'd like to rave about Southwest airlines for a quick minute.  I have flown with them countless times and I have never had a bad experience.  Their customer service is always amazing and their rapid rewards program is one of the BEST frequent flier programs out there, in my humble opinion.  My flight was delayed once and I tweeted about it and they promptly replied to me with an apology and some helpful info on getting an earlier connecting flight so that my trip wouldn't be delayed.

I've been hitting J. Crew Factory pretty hard this month.  I am just in love with all the spring colors and since I am a recovering dark neutral-a-holic (at least for this season!) I have to start from scratch, buying up all the pretty pastels and florals.  I wonder how many orders you would have to place to start being recognized among the package packing people?

I have a big heart shaped balloon that says love and it's been floating in the corner of my office since Valentines day.  I say this because as I am typing I noticed that it's starting to float lower and lower so my little balloon buddy is about to be done for.  It's been keeping me entertained though because our puppy is very scared of it.  She just came running in, saw that it was lower to the ground then froze and slowly backed away, out of the room.

I have been dealing with a bit of a blogging identity crisis.  I love blogging, I really do, but I am starting to feel frustrated with some aspects of it all.  I feel like it's been easier to lose sight of what I really wanted to accomplish with this thing.  I think that we all go through this at some point or another so I realize it's a minor little bump.  Blogging is so open ended and there are so many ways to do it so I know that I'll re-find a routine that works for me!  But all that to say I might change up some content on here and it might seem a bit direction-less but I promise, it's going somewhere. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I can't wait to read all about your trip to Austin and the fun things your cool mom introduces you to ;)

    "Direction" or not, I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down and look forward to seeing how your blog evolves with you!

  2. For one thing - hooray for Austin next weekend and JCrew Factory outlet. Love them both. :) Best wishes with your blogging identity crisis but I'm sure you'll pull through, most likely that trip to Austin will get your creative juices flowing again. :)

  3. Whatever your direction may be, I love your blog! It is simply your thoughts and experiences. Love it!

  4. I've never flown Southwest before--it's great to hear that you've had such good experiences with them!

  5. We all go through what you describe at some point as bloggers. I find that the best way to get re-inspired is to shut the laptop and go out and explore. :)

    And how fun that you're going to Austin! I've always wanted to visit.

  6. Austin is on my bucket list!! It's good to hear that you love it. And I understand about the blogging crisis. I think your goals and desires for this space will continue to change over time. That's fine! This is first and foremost your space and when you write from your passion, it will show!

  7. Haha I trust that the blog will be! But yes, blogging is such a broad aspect, there is so much you can do with it! The moment with your puppy sounds so cuteeee