Tuesday, February 11, 2014

End Quote Studio Q&A + A Giveaway

Hey guys!  Today I am bringing you a little Q&A with Taylor, the lovely lady behind Live and Move and most recently End Quote Studio!  I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor a while back and she even let me guest post on her blog while she was in South Africa!  She is a truly beautiful individual and her posts are really real, you know what I mean? Not to mention she is studying abroad in Spain.  For real, you guys.

I am all about the entrepreneurial spirit and there's a special place in my heart for the hand made and the people, the makers.  There is just so much more that goes into a hand crafted item, so much heart and dedication, and it's wonderfully personal. I jump at any chance I get to support this cause.

So I was excited, naturally, whenever she contacted me about helping get the word out about her new shop.  End quote studio sells printables with inspiring, meaningful quotes. These are literally right up my alley and I can't wait to add one to the wall above my desk in my office.

But I really wanted you to get to know a little bit more about Taylor, her shop, and what she is all about so thankfully she was up for a little Q&A, so sit back and read up…

Hello! Let's begin by telling us a bit about yourself, your blog, and shop.

Well, my name is Taylor. I'm from the Chicago area. I go to school in Nashville, and I'm studying abroad in Spain. Let's just say that home means a lot of things right now. After a service trip last year, I wanted an outlet to challenge myself creatively. That's how  Live and Move was born. It's changed a lot since conception, but now I can't imagine my life without blogging in it. On my blog, you'll find a lot of photography and a lot of my personal thoughts. Besides Live and Move, there's also a printable shop called End Quote Studio. It's my latest creative outlet and adventure.

How did your shop come about?

Honestly, I needed a break after one of my busiest semester's to date. I ordered a calligraphy set as a treat, knowing that it would be easy to carry with me in Spain. I started practicing the technical process of writing with a calligraphy pen. Before I knew it, I was writing words that inspired me. I've always been a quote person. In fact, I wrote my college essay on how much I love words. Creating a shop seemed like a heaven sent combination of doing what I loved and sharing inspiring truths.

What inspires you creatively?

Music is my major inspiration. It's poetry, really. My most creative moments include a cup of tea, quality music, and my calligraphy pen. I also love to follow the lives of other creative people and to read. It's always helpful to learn new techniques or ideas about creativity through books or articles.

What is your favorite thing about designing prints/running your shop?

The mixed media aspect would have to be my favorite part. I love sketching the designs and then re-working them with the calligraphy pen. After that, I get to play with my work on the computer. It's the perfect mix of working on and off the computer. Also, I'm loving getting to connect with other bloggers as I work to but the brand!

Do you have any advice for fellow crafters/entrepreneurs just starting out?

Don't be afraid to ask. Since starting End Quote Studio, it's been so necessary to reach out to people. And you know what? I've gotten some nos, but the people who say yes (like Sarah!) are so willing to help. We're not in competition. Have an attitude of helping others and watch your support network grow!

Where do you see End Quote Studio going in the future?

I see it growing! I think printable will always be a part of the shop, but I hope to expand my product range to include prints, custom prints, and even postcards. It's really hard to predict what will happen next, but as long as I'm creating, I'm happy.

I just love her wonderful attitude and outlook.  I'm honored to call Taylor a friend and I'm proud to support her in this creative venture and wish her all the best going forward.  And guess what?  So can you!

Right now Taylor is graciously giving away a $20 credit to her shop!  You can enter via the rafflecopter below but first, take a look at a few of my favorites…

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  1. I'm in Madrid for the semester!

  2. Thanks for having me, Sarah! It all looks so cute :)

  3. Cool! I'm in Ciudad Real. I want to say we should meet up but I'm poor, alas. I will be going to Madrid with my sister for Wizard Con if I can swing it but that's all the way in July.