Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fair Days

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip out to the fair.  This is definitely one of my favorite things about living in a "small" town.  There is so much energy around these kinds of events.  It feels like the whole city comes out to celebrate together.  That kind of community really brings on those warm fuzzies.

Luckily my man enjoys it as much as I do, so I brought him along and we called it date night.  He bought me some food and we shared a drink.  Romance abounds, naturally.  All jokes aside, I'll take a fair date night over fancy food any. day.

As I probably definitely have mentioned before, I am in it for the cheese on a stick.  It's oozy, oowy, gooey amazing-ness is where it's really at.  And yeah, it makes me feel a little bit gross, eating all that battered, deep fried cheese, but when the fair comes around, my inner child makes her appearance, and she doesn't really mind.

I am a ride enthusiast but my other half is quite opposed to such things so we walked around, enjoying the feeling of sheer glee that hangs in the air.  The music, the colors, and the way you can't help but feel a little bit giddy. And those adorable sock monkeys stole my heart, too.  

Now, I'm happy to introduce you to one of my sponsors this month!  Jen is one of my buddies for the Carabox exchange and I am super flattered that she decided to advertise with me.  She blogs and sells scentsy and she's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!   



  1. Looks like such a fun time! I haven't been to our state fair in a couple of years- I may need to go soon!

  2. I normally head to the shore which is sort of a fair all summer long but I haven't been to a local fair in a few years. I normally get funnel cake! Though I can't deny that fried oreos are actually good. I thought it sounded gross until I tried it. haha

    -Chrissy of Crashbeauty.com

  3. I really wish I lived in a small town for many reasons, but not the least is the annual fairs! I absolutely love fair food, but I'd probably go for a corn dog or something else deep fried. It'd be fun to do a fair themed party with all themed food!

    Thanks for sharing your story and photos <3


  4. Looks like so much fun! I always love love love fairs!

    AJ | TheAJMinute