Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

One I love looking inside people's homes (like the socially acceptable, home tour type of way, of course) and I love Austin so naturally I was super excited to see this home tour from a fellow Austinite. Represent! Two This Lulu and Georgia pillow has my name written alllllll over it. Like front, back, down the side, and probably on the stuffing too. Three When I find something I like I usually stick with it and such is the case with these flats. I've been through two pair and just ordered my third. Why mess with a good thing? Four Have you heard Colbie Caillat's song Try? If not you really should give it a listen, I think you'll really love it. She's kind of perfect, right? Five And let's wrap this up with something I'd love to wrap up in… this scarf. It's equal parts cozy and… plaid. And I've had a very large thing going on for plaid. I guess that's that.

We have quite a few plans this weekend. Tonight Nick and I are going "ring" shopping. Like the ring shopping. He wants to make sure that he chooses one that I love so we are going to pick out a few that I like and he'll take it from there. Then we plan on going to Gamestop. Yeah, you did read that right. My guilty pleasure is nerdy games. On Saturday we are headed down to the coast to have an early Thanksgiving with my family, do some fishing, and I hope to do a little work on my shop. I am planning a post about the shop next week or the week after - I am super excited to finally get this going!

What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting?

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