Thursday, January 02, 2014

Things I Like // Eight

01. FOR MY WARDROBE because these duds are right up my alley
02. FOR MY LITERATURE BUFF-NESS because Whitman is a fave
03. FOR MY SOUL because there's nothing better than a mom and pop restaurant
04. FOR MY SANITY because books can really ground you
05. FOR MY LOCKS because her hair, obviously
06. FOR MY CREATIVE because I have been pinning DIY wreaths like nobody's business

* sorry about the lack of links this week!  I'll add them as I find them again.


  1. love love love! :)

  2. That quote. Wonderful!

  3. Mom and pop restaurants are the best!

  4. Ah, this just looks so cosy and loved :) great choices!

  5. newest blog crush, right here. they all look so dreamy together..

  6. This whole post just makes me want to spend a rainy day reading in a bookstore somewhere. Lovee.

  7. Pittsburgh Glamour6:46 PM, January 11, 2014

    This blog post makes me want to find a really good book and sit wrapped in a huge blanket on a rainy day!